Dunkirk (2017) Review

I’ve returned and am ready for another review. Last night I saw Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and it was pretty good. The film was very well executed and had moments of great tension, good effects, and an amazing score. For those who have seen the trailers for this movie you can probably tell it’s about the struggles British and French forces had to go through at Dunkirk during WW2. There are about three separate stories about the ground forces, the air force, and the citizens trying to go help save them.  This film is full of great tension practically thanks to Hans Zimmer’s fantastic score. It helps scenes become more intense which is basically the film’s saving grace. Because most of the film is trying to tell all these stories in such a cluttered way. Sure the stories are very intriguing but would be a whole lot better if they were separate from the same movie. Yeah they’re pretty out of order. It has the exact same tone throughout the film which kind of makes it structureless. Another thing that bothered me was the PG-13 rating. Not that there’s anything wrong with a film having a PG-13 rating, in fact I often just ignore a movie’s rating because of how backwards the MPAA is, but if you’re going to do a war movie that involves violence and people dying than you should be more realistic than doing it in a cookie-cutter, for the kiddies kind of way. This film isn’t even geared towards kids so why do you have to dumb it down. Who honestly believes that if a bomb falls on a person only dirt will come up and not a limb or a single drop of blood? I hate it how studios feel they have to this nowadays. So just saying if you’re going to show acts of violence in your war movie than go for an R. However the film is beautifully shot, great acting, and actual practical effects instead of relying heavily on CG all the time. That’s always a plus in recent seeing how practical effects is rarely used anymore in films. My favorite story by far was the air force stuff with Tom Hardy. Not only was it the most intense and realistic scenes in the movie but was also very interesting. Overall this film is another great movie that Nolan can put under his belt. If you like smart and intriguing WW2 movies, this is for you.


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