War of the Planet of the Apes (2017) Review

We live in an era of Hollywood reboots. Most are pretty crappy but once in a while you’ll get something good. And the new 2010s Planet of the Apes Trilogy is one of them. The recent installment, War of the Planet of the Apes, is a really good movie. The effects, plot, and acting [mostly] are good. The main things I like about this movie are the CG effects. I’m always going to prefer practical more than CG but this film’s effects are fantastic. It seems that the effects in these movies have gradually gotten better in each one. There were several times where I thought the ape characters were actually there, which is quite an achievement for CGI. The other thing I like is Andy Serkis’s performance as Caesar. He has played the character great in the past two films but this is definitely the peak of his performance. You’re are always on his side and root for him all the way. Plus Woody Harrelson’s was good as the evil general who imprisons all the apes and uses them as slave labor to build a wall [not making a certain reference] to prepare for an upcoming attack from another army. There’s also a plot point that there’s this disease that takes away humanity’s speech and gives them a primitive mind. One of these infected humans is a little girl named Nova. I kind of don’t like this character. When the apes come across her they kill her dad and she doesn’t get upset, however in another when an ape dies she starts to tear up. I guess the film was hinting that she had a bad relation with her father but if you’re not gonna explain it then it’s a distracting flaw. The one scene that pisses me off is when she just walks in to the villain’s big hideout and feeds all the slaved apes. Where are all the guards when this is happening. You could probably say that because she’s a human they wouldn’t attack her but she’s feeding the apes and Caesar tells her if they see her they’ll kill her. So there you go. Also there’s this comic relief named Bad Ape who’s not horrendous but is kind of annoying. In one scene he held at gun point and “Okay, I Bad Ape” and the audience cackles. Overall is the film as good as the original 1968 Planet of the Apes, no, but is it better as its sequels, yes [speaking of which I’ll probably get to those at some point]. I know people who wouldn’t be in to this movie but if you liked the past two then you’ll definitely love this one.


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