Aliens (1986) Review

If you thought Alien was great, just wait till you get to the sequel, Aliens. This is one of the few movie sequels to actually be better than the first one. Sure it kinda takes a little scariness that the first one had and dialed it down but on levels of enjoyment, this one is superior. So what’s the plot? We start out with Ripley, who is the only survivor of the last crew, who is found 57 years later in hyper-sleep. She tells everyone about the Xenomorph that killed her crew but everyone is hesitant to believe her claims. That is until signal is lost of a colony on the same planet the Face-Hugger was found. So she’s recruited to the Marines and joined by other characters. They arrive on the planet to discover that seems to be empty of human life. They explore more of the place and discover a little girl named Newt and dozens of Xenomorphs. Have of the crew gets killed and it’s up to the last of the Marines to survive and wipe the Xenomorph race clean. Where the first film was a slasher thriller this one is a war movie with guns, grenades, flamethrowers, acid, and lots of blood. Not to mention an amazing production design. Instead of Ridley Scott, James Cameron [most famous for making Titanic and the Terminator movies] is in the director’s chair this time. Besides a few green-screens the effects, models, and sets look spectacular in this movie. Not to mention the Xenomorphs. Since this film has a higher budget than the last one the Xenomorphs got an update making them look bigger, badder, and scarier. And like a I said there are more than one of them here, including a queen Xenomorph that is half the size the size of King Kong. But what about the human characters? Sigourney Weaver is back as Ellen Ripley and is more tough and determined to kill all Xenomorphs. There is also Michael Biehn as Cpl. Dwayne Hucks who becomes Ripley’s closest allie. Another android named Bishop played by Lance Henriksen. Pvt. Vasquez who is more tougher than the men around her. Paul Reiser as the sleazy Carter Burke who wears a flannel shirt on the battlefield. But my favorite of all is Bill Paxton’s Pvt. Hudson. This guy is just so hilarious to watch that never want to see him die. In fact the characters are so great that you don’t see them as typical buffet for the Xenomorphs you grow attached to them to the point where you don’t want to see them die at all. This one of my favorite movies of all time and for good reason. The effects are great, the sets are great, the characters are great, the story is great, it’s just an all around great movie. To the point where I like it better than the first one. I definitely recommend seeing this one sometime soon.


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