Alien (1979) Review

Welcome to a new part of my show where called Retro Reviews! I will review retro movies and TV shows that are either classics, cult-followings, or any memorable media from the past. Now my first review will be on 1979’s Alien.

Ridley Scott’s Alien was a very revolutionary film in the sci-fi, horror genre. I already kinda went over this breifly in my Childhood Trauma posts but I thought talk more about it as a Retro Review. The plot centers around a bunch of space-miners that end up discovering an unknown planet where alien life resides. While they explore a crashed spacecraft one of the miners, played by John Hurt [may he rest in piece], gets latched onto by an alien called a Face-Hugger. After some unsuccessful attempts to pry it off his face, he eventually wakes up with the Face-Hugger off and dead. But while eating another alien, that Face-Hugger left in him, bursts out of his stomach that would later be known as a Xenomorph. It grows in size and it’s up to the crew to make it out alive. This film is a masterpiece in its design, acting, cinematography, and scariness. While most of the characters are enjoyable, the one that everyone remembers is Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver. Though she’d later become a tough badass in the sequels, here she’s just trying to survive and is kinda scared of the Xenomorph. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t act well as Ripley. There’s also Ian Holm as Ash who’s secretly a robot and fooling the crew into picking up alien lifeforms. You kinda know something was up with him before the twist was revealed, especially in the director’s cut. Oh yeah by the way my Blu Ray comes with two versions of the film, the 1979 theatrical release and the 2003 directors cut. I’m rather torn on which one I prefer more. The directors cut does show more scenes explaining what happened to some of the Xenomorph’s victims but then again it kinda takes away from the whole mystery of what is the alien and what did it do to them. And what is good horror than the unknown. I can’t decide so you can see both and tell me in the comments below. But we can’t talk about this movie without bringing up the real star of the franchise, the Xenomorph. Taken from H R Giger’s notebook, the Xenomorh is the most iconic figure of the Alien Franchise and has been in 8 movies. Sure he’s not as scary because of exposure of media but I can understand why he scared audiences back in 1979. Hell I was scared of him as a 2nd grader. I can go on and on about how great this movie is but I’ll leave for you guys to see. It’s too bad that this is only two of great movies in the franchise including this and the second one, Aliens. By the way we’ll be getting to that one next.


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