Spiderman: Homecoming (2017) Review

Before I get to the review I’d like to go on a rant about movie goers. I went to go see this movie at an awesome theater called the Alamo Drafthouse. It is a cool place and I enjoy watching movies there. But today I sat in front of two obnoxious brats and their dumb father. They were so loud and constantly resisted the urge to turn around hit them. The only thing I want to say is that kids aren’t that bright and if you’re a parent please make sure that you’re young children aren’t annoying, especially at movie theaters. Anyway on with the review.

So there is another Spiderman movie out and it was eh. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that great of a film either. Did I enjoy it, yeah, but were there moments that you didn’t enjoy, yep. Tom Holland was a good Spiderman but I will admit that he wasn’t as good as Andrew Garfield’s version. Michael Keaton was good as the villain, the Vulture, but his character wasn’t too developed enough. I mean he has an understandable motive but he was still not as great as Loki. Plus Robert Downey Jr is still great as Iron Man. But besides the three I just mentioned, the rest of the characters aren’t that interesting. Spiderman has a friend named Ned who basically serves as comic-relief. There is a bully who has nothing to do with anything. Aunt May was there and did barely anything. There’s another villain called the Shocker whose just there. Zendaya as a shallow, unfunny jerk. And finally the love-interest, not Mary Jane, not Gwen Stacey, but some chick named Liz. The actress who played was not bad or anything but she was so bland and forgettable that she has no impact on the film. I could go on and on about how bland the characters are but my hands are getting tired of typing. Also the movie completely trolls the audience by advertising itself as if Spiderman and Iron Man are to fight together never once do in the film. Overall the film has some okay humor, bland characters, and cool action scenes wrapped all together in a predictable plot full of teenage drama. I’d say wait till it comes out on home video if you’re curious.


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